Take Care A Dress With Different Materials

There is nothing happier for you to wear a dresses which only in the ” special occasion ” standing in front of a mirror. Whether it is for a four -year-old woman to attend a formal party , teenage girls want to dance or just want a stroll after dinner in the hallway inside the little girl like this. But no matter what age the person wearing such clothing , they need special care . After all, like velvet , tulle, organza or silk taffeta not so “everyday” fabric. Velvet The most significant problem with this fabric is that it is very sensitive to water . It is made of rayon , silk, acetate fiber and cotton velvet. It is the most vulnerable to water , and therefore its resistance is very low. Need to consider the reasons for any type can cause wet – rain , perspiration or drink water stains – are likely to become its enemies . Moisture will stand up little fluff fabric overwhelming , if this is so small villi can not stand up, and the fabric can not be restored to its former appearance . Some dry cleaner by steaming and grinding methods can make a small villi stand up again , silk velvet is the most responsive , but you can not try it yourself . This is not avoided, the children will get food or drink on your clothes , your own hand you can solve this problem by washing it with your hands. Only after cleaning cotton velvet small villi direction will not change . To a rational look at this issue , and to know its limitations, as the local deformation characteristics accept it, and try not to be too concerned about those places . Chiffon Silk chiffon is the most common type , as well as polyethylene and rayon tulle tulle . It looks very light. Drinks and food stains are very easy to handle , but the silk chiffon is very hard to deal with , because this fabric is mobility , stains easily spread . If the edge of the fabric has been damaged, the damage depends on the size and location of the place , the best way is to cut them , and then hide them rather than repair them. There is a very significant problem because the individual filaments are “standing” cause , and they can not easily be hidden . Roberts allows a single break a few inches of fabric , and such damage is not repaired . Because tulle is in accordance with the conventional method in the bottom of the cut , so to repair and re- design is a great challenge. Any silk are wet after deformation, do not wipe the stain with a towel and napkins place . Yarn may become isolated , there is no way to remedy the separation of the yarn. Organza It comes with glass-like sheen, but it is easily damaged . It is usually used in the wedding dress above, there are wedding bridesmaids and pull the children to wear clothing above . Because this fabric is not stretched , so be cropped very fit. If it is too tight , it will hold split seams . Note that when organza change , in particular, it does not fit , the hole will be very obvious seams . Do not rub this fabric , or they try to remove stains . Even a small abrasion on its shiny surface can easily be found , the yarn may also be separated. If you’re wearing a dress , it will limit the activities, you stretch or bend it will be very easy to damage the fabric. This causes the yarn separation, which under his arm , waist and hip are very prone . If organza become ” bent ” or creased , usually white line will appear at the crease . By ironing can not solve such problems. You can try to think of these ” white line ” is that it features. Women’s special occasion dresses that you wear is a big investment for you, so you want to take good care of them. To give your clothes care, let them at the fourth or fifth time wearing it like the first time.